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Travel Scraps!

Scrapbooking for the wanderer in you.

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Welcome to TravelScraps... the scrapbooking community for travelers of all sorts. I've been to a small number of places around the world and am constantly disappointed in the resources out there for my scrapbooking needs. Stickers focus on Paris, London, and New York, paper falls short of the mark, and stickers leave a bit to be desired. I'm aware that I could get more online but my money generally goes to plane tickets and hostels rather than creative supplies, if you know what I mean! Anyway, membership is open to anyone working on any sort of travel scrapbook pages (and even those of you who aren't and just want to see some cool stuff). Please post layouts, suggestions, tips... really anything you want, including traveling/homecoming issues. And... have fun!

Oh yeah, and when you join, feel free to fill out and post this for us. Just so we know who our friends (/stalkers) are!
How long have you been "scrapping":
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